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Investing involves a simple strategy: buy low and sell high. but implementation of this can be very difficult. We at Normandy Financial Services constantly monitor the market, and use multiple metrics to determine the best risk to reward to maximize our clients’ long-term rewards.  Please contact us so to discuss your financial goals in person.

Business Planning

You may have spent much of your life building your business.  How can you benefit the most from all of the sweat and sacrifice?  You may have employees that have helped you along the way; how can you ensure that they will have successful retirement plans?  We have multiple strategies to help both you and your dedicated employees achieve retirement success.

Retirement Planning

In the current low interest rate environment, retirement planning can be especially challenging.  We have multiple strategies that will help you generate the necessary income for retirement.  Many monthly retirement income numbers are tossed around in commercials, but at Normandy, we’ll explain that it is the income you can safely replace that is the key to a comfortable retirement.

Wealth Planning

Through our network we can help you protect you, your family, and your wealth.  Whether it is business planning, estate planning, or insurance planning, you will find we are there to provide the help you really need.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email.

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